World Architecture Day

This year's theme is "Clean environment for a healthy world".

October 4, 2021

World Architecture Day was created by the UIA (International Union of Architects) in 1985. It is celebrated annually on the first Monday of October in parallel with UN World Habitat Day. This year’s theme is “Clean environment for a healthy world” and is meant to address housing, public spaces and global environmental issues in the wake of COVID-19.

At HTW, we are invested in sustainable design. Our goal as design professionals is to provide efficient and sustainable designs that will not only accommodate the client’s immediate needs and vision but will meet needs well into the future.

Clean environment is the new focus, not only in the health community but reaching into every sector of design. The right design firm can guide clients through the process with knowledge of all the latest technology and standards and expertise to apply these to your project.

Founded in 2003 and re-branded in 2018, HTW is an Arkansas-based firm specializing in architecture, engineering, planning, and interiors. Since its formation, HTW has become one of Arkansas most innovative and fastest-growing architecture and engineering design firms, providing services to clients across the United States.

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