World Architecture Day

September 29, 2023

You may be wondering, “what is world architecture day”? It was created in 1985 to celebrate architecture and the professionals who work to design the spaces in which we exist. Each year the focus changes as a theme is chosen. Architecture for Resilient Communities is the 2023 theme. The idea draws focus on resilient urban communities as a catalyst for growth.

This concept hits home for so many communities, especially our very own City of Russellville. As we look forward to growth and plan for further development, architecture will play a key role in tying the past with the future. Historic preservation is a big part of urban downtown planning and development. We’ve seen a push in recent years to bring life back to these existing buildings and spaces through the development of grant funding that incentivizes owners to invest in improvements by offering tax credits.

When planning for the future, one needs to reference the past. This ensures that mistakes are not repeated and successful design is cultivated to bring innovation to what already works. Architects are experts! 

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