Happy Retirement, Bob!

After more than 20 years, Bob Hiegel is leaving HTW.

February 7, 2024

Bob Hiegel has officially retired from architecture work at HTW. He decided to work in what he loves: construction (before becoming an architect, he operated a construction company for nearly 20 years). Bob will be the proprietor of a new company specializing in providing informational and supervisory services to local contractors to boost their projects’ success. 

We wish you all the best, Bob. And good luck in your future endeavors!

The HTW Team. 

A Brief History

Bob started his architecture business, Bob Hiegel Architect PA (BHAPA), just over 20 years ago. He chose to open a small office on the second floor of a historic downtown building here in Russellville, Arkansas. There was a small area at the front of the building overlooking Main Street where Bob placed his desk. It wasn’t much, but the rent was cheap, and the view was pleasant. 

Jerry Terrell joined BHAPA in 2003 as a designer with solid Revit and AutoCAD skills. Bob spent most of the first ten years hiding in the shadows. He didn’t like attention very well, so he chose to remain anonymous whenever possible. Most of that time, work came in through local contractors and the occasional private owner.  It was during this time that BHAPA completed a few designs for historic renovations in and around Russellville. This historic renovation work would pave the way for BHAPA (and later, HTW) developing an expertise in historic renovations. 

The firm’s workload had grown steadily over the first 11 years, and after Jerry obtained his Professional Engineering license, it became apparent that another licensed, experienced Architect was needed. In 2015, Ira Wimer became the third person to join the firm, expanding its capacity to handle not only more projects but also larger-scale ones. 

In 2018, the three ventures merged into HTW (Hiegel, Terrell & Wimer). This merger brought even greater opportunity for large-scale projects and growth. Since its inception as a three-man team in 2018, the firm has grown more than fourfold and now provides comprehensive architectural, interior design, and construction administration services, as well as mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering.  

The Future

At HTW we have our sights on future growth. We are grateful for our roots and look forward to adding to our team and continuing our mission of designing a better future

Founded in 2003 and re-branded in 2018, HTW is an Arkansas-based firm specializing in architecture, engineering, planning, and interiors. Since its formation, HTW has become one of Arkansas most innovative and fastest-growing architecture and engineering design firms, providing services to clients across the United States.