Electrical Engineering

Efficient and intelligent electrical systems that power your business.

A building’s electrical systems are complex networks that require careful design to ensure the safety of building occupants. In addition to power and lighting systems, comprehensive control systems regulate energy usage and provide a link to our connected world.

Our engineers provide electrical solutions to meet the needs of diverse occupants – whether it’s a commercial office, a sporting event center, or a government facility. By utilizing advanced tools like building information modeling and photometrics analysis, we can create a virtual prototype of electrical and lighting systems and their performance before the building is built.

Together, our mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and public health engineering services comprise our integrated building services engineering solutions.

Electrical Engineering Services

  • Power Distribution
  • Emergency Power Systems
  • Lighting Design
  • Photometric Lighting Analysis
  • Data and Communication Systems
  • Lighting Controls
  • Uninterruptible Power Systems
  • Utility Energy Modeling

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