About HTW

We’re a multi-discipline design firm based in Arkansas. We partner with clients across Arkansas and the United States to complete projects across a wide variety of building sectors. We love what we do, and we enjoy the diversity that each project brings to the table.

Our Objective

We understand that the time from design to construction is rapidly decreasing. Our objective is to help you meet the challenge of completing your project within time and budget constraints while also providing you with exceptional architecture and engineering design services. We can help you leverage the latest tools and technology to get your project to construction faster and more accurately than ever before.

Leading the Way

At HTW, we make it a priority to keep up with current technology trends not only for your building, but also in the way we communicate with you. We utilize cloud computing and project management services that integrate you into our design process. This helps us increase our collaboration and communicate more effectively with you and other key project stakeholders.

HTW specializes in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and 3D-based design. With BIM, architectural building elements and engineered systems can be modeled to accurately represent your building’s physical and functional attributes. A well coordinated building information model can be used for visualization, conflict resolution, and management throughout the design phase of a project.