Great Places to Work Certification

HTW receives the globally recognized Great Places to Work certification.

September 6, 2022

Our team of professionals are always hard at work for our clients. We pride ourselves in delivering quality design services in every stage of the process. Clients receive the benefit of close coordination between our teams of architects and engineers from the very beginning and throughout the life cycle of their project. We know that a record of successfully completed projects and client satisfaction are the cornerstones of a successful AE firm.

Although client satisfaction is top on our priority list, it is not our only priority. We want our employees to feel heard and appreciated and we are constantly assessing and adapting policy to ensure they are. From benefits packages and pay, to paid time off and our office environment, HTW works to offer the best. Having the Great Places to Work Certification gives us the confidence that we are doing what we say: offering an engaged and great place to work. And we know that our clients benefit from engaged and happy professionals.

Great Place to Work® is the global authority on building, sustaining and recognizing High-Trust, High-Performance Culture at workplaces.

We are thrilled to announce that HTW is officially a great place to work! You can read more about Great Places to Work’s mission and how they became the authority in workplace culture here: Great Places to Work

A few members of our HTW Team at one of our recent weekly meetings.

Founded in 2003 and re-branded in 2018, HTW is an Arkansas-based firm specializing in architecture, engineering, planning, and interiors. Since its formation, HTW has become one of Arkansas most innovative and fastest-growing architecture and engineering design firms, providing services to clients across the United States.