Making a case for Historic Preservation

Historic preservation is an essential component of sustainable design for communities.

August 24, 2021

Historic preservation is a movement in planning designed to rehabilitate distinctive historic structures and areas in an effort to tie a place’s history to its population and culture. It is also an essential component of sustainable design in that existing structures are utilized for new purposes rather than construct a new building which would expend more natural resources.

HTW understands how to deliver smart, sustainable, and productive solutions. We are well versed in historic preservation projects from the first spark of an idea to tenant occupancy. In fact, our home offices are housed in a fully renovated historic building in the Downtown Russellville area. We have been helping clients restore historic buildings since our beginning and plan to continue as new growth and opportunities arise.

We are also familiar with the state and federal tax credit process for historic preservations as well as state and federal grants. Did you know that by working with the Historic Preservation Tax Credit, owners can receive up to forty percent of the cost of the remodel of a historic building? Our Architects work with the client to ensure all designs meet the tax credit criteria and provide a historically accurate fa├žade for years to come.  Our designs help shape local communities. We are proud to be a part of the movement that continues the work of conservation and beautification!

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