New year, new look. The story of HTW’s brand refresh

After months of development and testing, we are proud to showcase our brand refresh.

January 7, 2021
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Why a refresh? 

The initial idea was simple: let’s modernize our logo. That simple idea expanded into a mission to align our brand identity with who we are as a firm. But what does that mean? And down the rabbit hole we went. Several key ideas remained at the top of the thought pool during this process.  

  1. Align our brand with where we are as a firm, and where we want to be. 
  2. Create a bold visual identity. 
  3. Convey simplicity but also sophistication. 

Our previous brand worked hard for us and was successful, but it felt aged and did not reflect the growth we’ve experienced as a firm. It was time for our brand to communicate our progress and where we’re headed as a firm. 

The process 

Our refresh followed the same processes we use for our clients. As a starting point, we focused on gathering insight from team. This gave us an initial direction to move in. We gathered examples and studied other brands and contemplated several important points: 

  1. How does the brand convey the purpose of the company? 
  2. Does the brand effectively communicate to the public?
  3. What key elements of the brand represent the ideals of the company?

We compared and contrasted ideas on the brands we studied and tried to develop an idea on how the brand made us “feel”. We took notes on what we liked about the brands and what we did not, and, more importantly, how we felt the brand represented the functionality of the company.  

Then we started designing. We took the concepts from everything we studied and tried to morph those ideas into a tangible design. After our research, the key qualities we felt the new brand needed to convey were solidarity, progressiveness, and notability. 

The new look 

After creating multiple concepts and going through several design iterations, we settled on a logo with simple elements that effectively conveys the key qualities we wanted to communicate.  

The logo’s typography is modern and lively. The lower-case letters are approachable, yet solid in their weight and form. The white letters contrast nicely with the red background. 

We wanted to be free from rigorous color constraints, but at the same time, we knew we needed to have a singular brand color that could be ubiquitous across all forms of media. We chose the red color to establish the bold visual identity. This color emits notes of creativity, energy, and enthusiasm. 

Measuring success  

During the design process, we constantly referred to the key ideas mentioned earlier. We used these ideas as a kind of checklist to determine how well the new brand meets these criteria. 

1. Align our brand with where we are as a firm, and where we want to be. 

Our new brand visually solidifies our existing presence. It reflects our foundation, but at the same time represents our plan for future growth.  

2. Create a bold visual identity. 

The new logo emphasizes boldness. The typography and colors mirror the energy and creativity of our people. The brand stands out and is easily recognizable against other brands.  

3. Convey simplicity but also sophistication. 

The new logo is minimalistic and effectively communicates simplicity. Sophistication is achieved with appropriate proportion and meticulous attention to detail.  

We are proud of our brand refresh. But at the same time, we’d like to signify what hasn’t changed. We may have overhauled our look, but our mission is the same. We are dedicated to quality work and solid relationships. We are still the firm you know and trust, and that’s not going to change. 

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