Bringing Banking into the Future

April 10, 2019

First State Bank brings ITM's to Russellville

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HTW is proud to be partnering with First State Bank to bring Interactive Teller Machines (ITM’s) to Russellville. HTW currently providing Architecture and Engineering services for First State Bank’s downtown Russellville branch, with plans to expand to their other branches in the near future.

ITM’s blend the flexibility of a drive-up teller window and the convenience an ATM into a single cohesive customer experience. As you pull up to the ITM, you are greeted by a real customer service representative over a live video feed. Think of it as a Skype-enabled ATM machine. The representative can help you with deposits, withdraws, and other services normally performed by tellers at a drive-through window. ITM’s also allow institutions to provide extended hours of service to its drive-through customers.

First State Bank is proud to be the first bank in the Arkansas River Valley to incorporate ITM’s into their infrastructure. They hope to gain a reputation in the community as leaders in innovation.

You can find more information about ITM’s from First State Bank at