Does it really matter if BIM is used on your next project?

Great buildings were designed using pencil and paper long before BIM, so why use it? Most construction projects are built by referencing a paper set of construction documents. So why should you care if BIM (Building Information Modeling) is used on your project?

The BIM Difference

BIM is very effective in two key areas: coordination and error reduction. Coordination between the different design teams on a project is greatly increased, and therefore errors are reduced simultaneously. The ability to visualize design problems in the model and make corrections in the office instead of in the field allows for fewer changes on the job site.

Because the project is a building model instead of flat 2-dimensional line work, the architect can quickly visualize the placement of beams and columns by the structural engineer and make changes to their design as needed. Similarly, the mechanical engineers can see that a section of duct work is penetrating a beam or other structural element and re-route as necessary.

As the owner or a key stakeholder, you should take your design teams ability to utilize BIM into consideration for your next project.

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